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Life after Divorce: Upping Your Game in All Facets

During and after a divorce are some of the most challenging times for both men and women. Life during divorce is full of stress. Divorce can bring many health challenges several years down the road such as a stroke, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. Divorce lawyers know that the stress and anxiety of divorce is hard […]

10 Pieces of Divorce Advice

Breaking up is hard to do. It may be a cliché, but it is so very true. If you are going through a divorce right now or thinking about starting proceedings for a divorce, you probably have a great deal on your mind. Your divorce attorney can help you navigate and understand the legalities of […]

Divorce Separation or Annulment: 3 Ways to End a Marriage in California

If you have decided to formalize the end of your marriage or domestic partnership, there are three ways to do this. In California, these are divorce, legal separation, or annulment. There are differences between these, and all can take a little time and preparation. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Matthew […]

California Divorce Process

The internet is a natural place to get information about an endless number of topics. Just as you wouldn’t treat a serious medical condition without seeking advice from a licensed medical specialist, you shouldn’t begin the divorce process without engaging a divorce attorney. You must file for divorce in the county where either you or […]

California Divorce FAQ

A marriage requires someone licensed by the state to legalize the union. So too does the end of a marriage need a professional who can walk you through the process. Each state enacts its own laws of marriage and divorce. When seeking legal help, it is important to choose an attorney familiar with the particular […]

Divorce Tips for Women

Getting a divorce can be a traumatic life event. It is not uncommon for women to have taken time off work to invest time into their marriage and the beginning of their family. If you find yourself facing divorce, as a woman, the first thing you should do is contact a San Diego, divorce attorney. […]

Divorce Tips For Men

When you are facing divorce, there is a myriad of decisions to be made. During this traumatic time, it is essential to stop and weigh each choice you are about to make. Think about the way they will affect your life, your soon to be ex’s life, and if you have children their lives. It’s […]

The Basics of a San Diego Divorce

When you stood at the altar and said your vows it probably never entered your mind that you would be standing in front of an attorney asking about divorce. Every state has different laws which govern the way in which divorce proceedings must be handled. The first step any person facing divorce should take is […]

10 Things to Do if Divorce is Imminent

When you got married it was likely never a consideration that one day you’d end up in divorce court. It’s likely that as divorce becomes an option you find yourself dealing with a myriad of emotions. The worst part is the decisions that have to be made amidst all the emotional turmoil you’re facing. While […]

7 Divorce Survival Secrets For Women

Divorces are messy businesses. Both parties are mentally in states ranging from hurt to anger, and every spectrum in between. As a San Diego divorce lawyer, it can be difficult to mitigate a divorce, because it’s always your job to best represent your client. In divorce cases, this can mean deepening or reopening mental scars. […]

10 Things You Don’t Do During a Divorce

Divorce is almost never a clean business, no matter how well it ends up going in the end. Tensions are always running high, and the couple filing for said divorce will inevitably make some kind of rash decision in a fit of passion. If you live in San Diego, and you’re seeking a divorce lawyer […]

What is the Process of Getting a Divorce in California

If you’re looking to get a divorce in California there are many important steps that you need to be aware of. A divorce attorney in San Diego can help guide you through these steps to help ensure that your divorce process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. This article will explain the major steps […]

How Long Does It Take to Divorce in San Diego?

Are you currently looking to get a divorce in the San Diego area? If so, there are a lot of steps you need to take before your divorce becomes official. The divorce process can take a while which means you’ll have to wait for a certain amount of time before your divorce is finalized. This […]

Divorce Advice: Top 10 Divorce Mistakes

Are you currently looking to obtain a divorce in the San Diego area? If so, there are many steps you need to take before making your divorce official. It can be very easy though to make some mistakes along the way. This article will list the top 10 divorce mistakes that couples often make and […]

What Stipulations Can Be Included In a Divorce Decree

If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in San Diego to help you with any aspects of your divorce, you’ve come to the right place. There are many stipulations that can be included in a divorce decree and it’s important that you know of them all and what to do if there’s a disagreement about […]

Can Adultery Affect a Divorce Case?

It’s an unfortunate reality that many divorce cases involve adultery. The best San Diego divorce attorney might be faced with countless cases which involve some kind of adultery. Partners are usually eager to find out just how adultery might affect proceedings. The first thing any San Diego divorce lawyer will tell you is that California […]

Proceeding With An Uncontested Divorce

If both you and your spouse are looking for a San Diego divorce attorney to help you proceed with an uncontested divorce you’ve come to the right place. If both you and your spouse agree on your divorce terms, you can move on to filling out the proper paperwork for it. What is an Uncontested […]

Do Fathers Have Equal Rights During Divorce in California?

A common question asked of a San Diego divorce attorney is whether men and women have equal rights in divorce. This question becomes especially pressing for fathers. Many fathers worry they may be at a disadvantage when it comes to things like child custody. Here’s what worried fathers need to know about this issue. Every […]

San Diego Divorce Lawyers Want You to Know This

Divorce is a difficult and sometimes mysterious process. Most couples have a lot of misconceptions about why and how divorce happens. The best divorce attorney in San Diego will know the process inside out. The right divorce attorney can offer you insights that might help you avoid divorce proceedings, or at least make them easier. […]

8 Qualities the Best Divorce Attorneys Have in Common

Getting divorced is never an easy decision. Nobody gets married expecting to end up hiring a divorce attorney. But when it happens, you’ll want to make sure you’re in good hands. You want to have the best divorce lawyer in San Diego representing your interests. Here are 8 qualities to look out for that the […]

Do Vacations Cause Divorce?

November and December are stressful and magical months. The holiday season is full of family obligations, social events and sometimes, financial burdens. The stress of hosting dinner and entertaining guests puts pressure on couples and is a testing time for relationships. With so many outside obligations, the internal workings of your marriage may suffer. There […]

How Long Does It Take to Divorce in San Diego

One of the first questions most people have when they’re getting a divorce, is how long does it take? Your San Diego divorce attorney can walk you through the timeline based on your specific circumstances, but there are some general rules about timing. The first thing you should know about a California divorce is that […]

Are Happy Couples Divorcing?

You might think it’s an unusual assumption that happy couples are divorcing in San Diego. But studies have found this to be occurring across the United States and the United Kingdom. This has been caused by a shift in cultural norms and socioeconomic pressures. Read on to understand more about why San Diego divorce attorneys […]

7 Steps to Get Through Divorce One Day at a Time

Divorce occurs often in the U.S. and San Diego is no exception. Divorce is usually a traumatic experience for both parties. Your way through it can be affected by the approach you take. We suggest following these seven positive steps to help you through the process of divorce in San Diego. 1.       Give yourself time […]

5 Ways To Stay Focused At Work During a Divorce

Divorce takes us through all of our emotions. The process of getting a divorce can make us feel like the world is ending. The years of emotional investment that you have placed into someone all comes crashing down in a heartbeat. Not to think of the potential financial concerns that may arise after sharing essentially […]

5 Tips to Reclaim Your Financial Future After Divorce

Once you finally commit to the decision that you are getting a divorce, you are in for one serious rollercoaster. The financial ups and downs that occur during the divorce process are very unexpected and can be quite costly. It is not just the lawyers and court hearings that may be pricey alone. The additional […]

How Long Does a Divorce Take In California?

Hollywood is not a stranger to divorce. There are many stories from Hollywood to the Big Apple headlining new stories of celebrity couples whose marriage is now falling apart. One of the most recent celebrity couples to start their downfall is the iconic Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The issue dates back to the time […]

Common Divorce Terms

In the whole scheme of things getting married is a pretty simple thing. Two people fall in love, say some vows and sign paperwork with witnesses and there you go. The two are legally bound to each other. Getting a divorce, on the other hand, is not so simple. There are various waiting periods as […]

What A Prenuptial Agreement Can And Cannot Cover

Prenuptial agreements have become necessary not only in San Diego but throughout the world as spouses and families come together for life-changing events such as marriage, cohabitation and business with other members of families. The discussion surrounding prenuptial agreements could dampen the romantic feeling of marriage: but they are necessary to protect each individual entering […]

How to Avoid the Biggest Divorce Mistake

What can you do to avoid one of the biggest divorce mistakes? In divorce, it is not only important that you work with your San Diego divorce attorney but you should also avoid one of the biggest mistakes people make during a divorce. This mistake can make your divorce more complicated, painful and very expensive. […]

Is it Time to Talk to a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never easy. “Breaking up is hard to do” is not just a song lyric.  You worry about your family, litigation costs and have anxiety about the now and about the future. But, especially if it is a recurring thought, it is likely time to talk to a San Diego family law attorney. In […]

Getting Through Divorce in San Diego

When you married, you felt and believed it was going to be forever. Sure, you knew of people divorcing; maybe your own parents divorced. But that wouldn’t happen to you. Years later and, unfortunately, it is happening to you. Does that mean you have to go to war with the person you thought would be […]

What Are The Costs Of Getting A Divorce In California?

The question divorce lawyers hear the most when they are consulting someone for the first time is “How much will this divorce cost?” The right answer is “hard to say,” but this is not always the answer a client wants to hear. The only costs divorce attorneys know for sure that will have to be […]

Divorce Laws in California and Divorce Lawyers in San Diego

What exactly is the dissolution of marriage? A Dissolution of Marriage is a divorce.  It begins by one party using their San Diego divorce lawyer to file for the necessary papers to start the divorce. The other party cannot stop the process.  If one party does not want to take part in the divorce proceedings, […]

Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer

If you are thinking about a divorce, you should hire a divorce attorney. A good attorney can help you find out about your options. He can explain the divorce laws in California and help you through the court process. Your divorce lawyer can also help you deal with the emotional distress of working through the […]

San Diego Attorney Specializing in Family Law and Divorce Litigation

Welcome to The Law Offices Of Matthew M. Kremer, your attorney specializing in family law and divorce litigation. Attorney Matt Kremer has over 30 years of experience handling all types of family law matters throughout the State Of California. This ranges from highly complex cases to the just-as-important more straightforward cases. Matt Kremer has the knowledge and experience […]

San Diego Divorce Attorney with Specialized Knowledge of Child and Spousal Support ssues

At the Law Offices Of Matthew M. Kremer you can be assured of a specialized knowledge of Child and Spousal support issues. Located in San Diego California, Attorney Kremer is a certified family law attorney recognized by awards such as Best Lawyers in San Diego, Best Lawyers in Southern California and being named a “SuperLawyer”. […]

Deciding the Issue of Child Custody

The end of a marriage is often traumatic. It is the end of once-beloved relationship, the end of a partnership, and often a time of great emotion. And one of the most emotional issues is can be deciding the issue of child custody. Where will your children primarily live? When will they be with the […]

Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders – We BETTER All Get Along!

The law, in the form of statutes and appellate decisions interpreting those statutes, has widened the criteria for determining what is domestic violence. What is “domestic violence” (DV), how is it different from just plain “violence” and how does it affect matters in a divorce or post-divorce action? The Penal Code determines the various criminal […]

What is Community Property?

What is Community Property? Separate Property? How is it Changed? In general terms, community property (which includes debts) is that which is acquired between the date of the marriage and the date the parties become separated (where “separation” is as defined by the Family Code and case law). Family Code section 760 provides the following: […]

What is “Jurisdiction” and Why Does it Matter?

When a court is said to have “jurisdiction” it means, in simple terms, that that court has the ability to make a lawful, binding and valid court order. Conversely, a court order made where there is a lack of jurisdiction cannot be enforced and is of no weight. What does this mean to a family […]

I’m moving and I’m taking little Johnny with me!

Oh, really? Maybe the other parent will have something to say about that. What happens when one parent wishes to relocate with the minor child/children over the objection of the other parent? How does the court look at this issue? It depends. The first analysis would be: is there a true “custodial parent”? In other […]