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Divorce Lawyer

The Basics of a San Diego Divorce

When you stood at the altar and said your vows it probably never entered your mind that you would be standing in front of an attorney asking about divorce. Every state has different laws which govern the way in which divorce proceedings must be handled. The first step any person facing divorce should take is […]

10 Things to Do if Divorce is Imminent

When you got married it was likely never a consideration that one day you’d end up in divorce court. It’s likely that as divorce becomes an option you find yourself dealing with a myriad of emotions. The worst part is the decisions that have to be made amidst all the emotional turmoil you’re facing. While […]

7 Divorce Survival Secrets For Women

Divorces are messy businesses. Both parties are mentally in states ranging from hurt to anger, and every spectrum in between. As a San Diego divorce lawyer, it can be difficult to mitigate a divorce, because it’s always your job to best represent your client. In divorce cases, this can mean deepening or reopening mental scars. […]

10 Things You Don’t Do During a Divorce

Divorce is almost never a clean business, no matter how well it ends up going in the end. Tensions are always running high, and the couple filing for said divorce will inevitably make some kind of rash decision in a fit of passion. If you live in San Diego, and you’re seeking a divorce lawyer […]

What is the Process of Getting a Divorce in California

If you’re looking to get a divorce in California there are many important steps that you need to be aware of. A divorce attorney in San Diego can help guide you through these steps to help ensure that your divorce process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. This article will explain the major steps […]

How Long Does It Take to Divorce in San Diego?

Are you currently looking to get a divorce in the San Diego area? If so, there are a lot of steps you need to take before your divorce becomes official. The divorce process can take a while which means you’ll have to wait for a certain amount of time before your divorce is finalized. This […]

Divorce Advice: Top 10 Divorce Mistakes

Are you currently looking to obtain a divorce in the San Diego area? If so, there are many steps you need to take before making your divorce official. It can be very easy though to make some mistakes along the way. This article will list the top 10 divorce mistakes that couples often make and […]

What Stipulations Can Be Included In a Divorce Decree

If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in San Diego to help you with any aspects of your divorce, you’ve come to the right place. There are many stipulations that can be included in a divorce decree and it’s important that you know of them all and what to do if there’s a disagreement about […]

Can Adultery Affect a Divorce Case?

It’s an unfortunate reality that many divorce cases involve adultery. The best San Diego divorce attorney might be faced with countless cases which involve some kind of adultery. Partners are usually eager to find out just how adultery might affect proceedings. The first thing any San Diego divorce lawyer will tell you is that California […]

Proceeding With An Uncontested Divorce

If both you and your spouse are looking for a San Diego divorce attorney to help you proceed with an uncontested divorce you’ve come to the right place. If both you and your spouse agree on your divorce terms, you can move on to filling out the proper paperwork for it. What is an Uncontested […]