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Deciding the Issue of Child Custody

The end of a marriage is often traumatic. It is the end of once-beloved relationship, the end of a partnership, and often a time of great emotion. And one of the most emotional issues is can be deciding the issue of child custody.

Where will your children primarily live? When will they be with the other parent? For how long? What safeguards will be needed? What are the rights of each parent? What are their parental obligations?

If you are facing a divorce and have children, you need a well-versed attorney who knows what it takes to get you through this difficult period in your life.

Attorney Matthew Kremer is here to help. He has helped thousands of your friends and neighbors over the 30 plus years of practicing law and specializing in family law issues.

The courts have various statutory direction given by the legislature, and case law interpretation of legislation, all dealing with custodial sharing of minor children.

Matthew Kremer maintains a current knowledge of the new laws and appellate cases and applies the law to your particular situation.

Important factors the court will consider are: History of physical abuse, History of other violent crimes, History of alcohol or drug abuse, Stability of the children’s environment as well as whether one parent or the other may be contemplating a relocation, and the wishes of the children.

Mr. Kremer understands that what is of paramount importance can be stated quite simply: Obtain a court order that serves the best interests of the precious children.

Our law firm will fight to protect you and your children, your rights and your peace of mind.
Contact an experienced California child custody attorney you can trust and who has won numerous accolades over the past 30 plus years of practicing family law.

We have a proven track record of securing results that benefited our clients and their children.

The Law Offices of Matthew M. Kremer. We are confidential and caring. We will do all we can to reduce the emotional toll, reduce the worry and the aggravation. Obtain the kind of order you know will be best for your children not just at this difficult time, but going forward. Towards a happy and healthy future.

Call The Law Offices Of Matthew Kremer today for a comprehensive evaluation of where you are, where you’re going and a frank assessment of all scenarios.

It’s so hard; we know. Let us help.

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