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How Long Does It Take to Divorce in San Diego?

Matthew Kremer Family Law AttorneyAre you currently looking to get a divorce in the San Diego area? If so, there are a lot of steps you need to take before your divorce becomes official. The divorce process can take a while which means you’ll have to wait for a certain amount of time before your divorce is finalized. This can lead many people to wonder just how long does it take for divorces to become official in the San Diego area.

How Long Does Divorce Take in the San Diego Area?

The earliest legal time frame for a divorce to become official in the San Diego area is six months. Keep in mind that this is the earliest time that is possible for your divorce to officially occur. The time frame really depends on your current divorce situation. Are you and your partner working with a San Diego divorce attorney? Are you and your spouse getting along during the divorce process? These factors can play into whether your divorce will take six months or longer.

Can San Diego Divorces Have a Shorter Waiting Time?

No, they can’t. Six months is the legal time period that you need to wait to obtain your divorce. The waiting time can’t be shortened at all, no matter what the circumstances. However, you can work with your spouse to help try to make sure it becomes official when the six month comes around. If you both compromise on the divorce settlements and work to prevent having to go to court, your divorce process can go by much faster. If you don’t work together with your partner, the divorce process can become drawn out. This can lead to a much longer waiting period before your divorce can officially happen.

How To Make the Divorce Process Go Faster?

There are a few ways that can help make your divorce process go faster. As mentioned above, compromising is a must. If you want this process to go quickly and smoothly, you need to compromise with your spouse. By working together you can help avoid many issues from occurring and also from having to make lengthy court appearances.

Another way to help this process go faster is to file all the required divorce documents as quickly as you can. Don’t procrastinate on sending the court certain files as this can lengthen the divorce process. Be sure to have the needed paperwork and information on hand so this process goes faster. A divorce attorney can also help you to quickly and accurately file the needed paperwork. They know what needs to be done and can help save you time and from having to go through a time-consuming divorce process.

Divorces in the San Diego area can take a little bit of time before they become official, but they don’t need to be a long and drawn out process. The earliest that your divorce can become official in San Diego is six months after you send the divorce papers to court. If you want your divorce to be finalized as soon as possible, be sure to work on compromising with your spouse and preparing any needed documents with a local divorce attorney to help ensure that your divorce can be finalized within the six month waiting period.

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