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Do Vacations Cause Divorce?

November and December are stressful and magical months. The holiday season is full of family obligations, social events and sometimes, financial burdens. The stress of hosting dinner and entertaining guests puts pressure on couples and is a testing time for relationships. With so many outside obligations, the internal workings of your marriage may suffer. There is so little time to put yourselves first. That’s why January was for a long time thought to be the beginning of the divorce season. But more studies are showing that March and August are the busiest months for San Diego divorce attorneys.

Why is January not the busiest time for divorces?

Couples view the holidays as traditional and magical times and delay a divorce until after the holidays. They assume that the stress of the holiday season is why their marriage is suffering. So, many couples try to work on their marriage by taking a vacation. But studies are showing that divorce lawyers get the most calls when a couple returns from a vacation. This is because you may have tried to rekindle your marriage by getting a change of scenery and taking a break. Getting away from the stress and pressure of the holidays gives you hope that you might be able to save your marriage.

Vacations: make or break for marriages

The disappointment of a vacation can cause couples to finally decide to end their marriage. The initial excitement of planning a trip wears off, the spark was not rekindled and the romance was dead. You and your partner are no longer happy together and you decide that divorce is inevitable. But a lot of planning goes into a divorce. Organizing finances and finding the right divorce lawyer can take time, sometimes months. Therefore, it makes sense that the divorce rate is higher either side of the holidays.

March and August: why are they so busy?

After the holidays, you’ve taken the time to think about your marriage and whether or not you want a divorce. Sorting out your finances, discussing child support and custody and finding a good divorce attorney took up most of this time. If you have children, August might be the month you file for divorce because the school year is starting. Summer is over and the new school year means a new schedule, so filing for divorce at this time of year seems best.


You’ve survived the holidays, taken a break and you’ve thought about your relationship. The spring has arrived, longer days and better weather are encouraging you to make changes in your life. So you’ve decided the time has come to call a divorce attorney. Making changes in your life is difficult when it’s cold and dark outside, and you don’t want to cause unnecessary drama or upset during the holiday season. The magic and tradition of the holidays is something you want to keep, so divorces are most common during the three months before and after the festive season. This allows the upheaval of a divorce to happen without extra interference from family members.

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