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San Diego Divorce Lawyers Want You to Know This

Divorce is a difficult and sometimes mysterious process. Most couples have a lot of misconceptions about why and how divorce happens. The best divorce attorney in San Diego will know the process inside out. The right divorce attorney can offer you insights that might help you avoid divorce proceedings, or at least make them easier. Here are some things that San Diego’s best divorce attorneys want you to know.

Cheating is often a symptom, not a cause

Sex, money, and religion are regarded as the big three causes of divorce, with sex being first among them. While adultery is often grounds for divorce, it is due more to the breakdown in trust it represents than the act of cheating itself.

Children can be a predictor of divorce

Unhappy couples will often stay together for their children’s sake. They’re also more likely to try and work through problems in their relationship when kids are involved. Childless relationships end more quickly. Divorces between childless couples typically come within three years of marriage.

Emotion has no place in divorce proceedings

If you ask a San Diego divorce lawyer, they’ll tell you not to get divorced without considering it for 18 months. Divorce is permanent, but problems might not be. Getting divorced is a life-altering decision that should only be taken with a clear head. The process should be completed clearly, too. Couples never scream at each other during proceedings as you might see in the movies. Any decent divorce lawyer will make sure their clients keep their emotions in check.

Prenuptial agreements can be helpful, but they may not be binding

Prenups can be a good way of avoiding some of the acrimony which comes with divorce. Arguments have been had in advance, so they don’t need to be repeated. A well written and carefully worded prenup is likely to be enforced. However, it can be a difficult thing to negotiate before getting married. Divorce can even bring up the question of whether the prenup was fair, to begin with. A prenup is worth considering if you have considerable assets or a large inheritance. Remember, though, that a prenup may not be final.

Divorce isn’t a guaranteed right

It’s actually possible for one-half of a couple to argue against a divorce. A divorce is only granted when a marriage has broken down, so one-half of the couple can argue that it hasn’t. This could be a very messy start to divorce proceedings. Remember that divorce should never be rushed into.

Luck is an important ingredient for every successful marriage

No-one gets married expecting to get divorced later. Successful marriages involve couples who transfer their initial love into long-term growth. This isn’t easy to achieve. People may grow at different rates to each other. Life may take you down a different path to your partner. Even the happiest of couples can drift apart, while rocky relationships can become stronger over time. Luck is a vital component of every life-long marriage.

Choosing the right divorce lawyer is essential

Getting divorced is a complex process. It requires you to balance many competing objectives. It requires you to suppress strong emotions. The best divorce attorney will be able to help you do all these things. They’ll be dispassionate but compassionate. They’ll be ready to fight your corner without ever losing their cool.

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