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Are Happy Couples Divorcing?

San Diego divorce attorneyYou might think it’s an unusual assumption that happy couples are divorcing in San Diego. But studies have found this to be occurring across the United States and the United Kingdom. This has been caused by a shift in cultural norms and socioeconomic pressures. Read on to understand more about why San Diego divorce attorneys are seeing an increase in business, despite most couples being in low-conflict relationships.

Cultural norms

We live in a consumerist society. This has resulted in a shift in cultural norms. Have you ever thought of your marriage with a disregard for permanency? Many people are treating marriage like a consumable. You might think you can resort to divorce so you can upgrade when the time is right. Consider whether you follow the mode of belief that a marriage is based on hard work and trust. Or do you think of your first marriage as a starter marriage? This is like having a marriage as a stepping stone to a better one in the future. If so, you represent the growing trend of treating marriage as an extension of consumerism.

Socioeconomic pressures

When consulting a divorce attorney, it seems logical you would claim to be in an unhappy marriage. Yet, research shows a short timeframe between acknowledging a marriage as happy and then divorcing. If facing a divorce, consider whether you have a low-conflict relationship. If so, have you been willing to put in the work to salvage it, before proceeding to divorce? You are not alone. Many couples are turning to divorce without trying counseling and education programs. Divorce is often premature. Consider whether you are unhappy in your relationship. Or are you being influenced by socioeconomic pressures? A large proportion of uneducated people is in this situation which points to a lack of understanding and need for assistance. It’s common to buckle under the strain of these pressures. But this results in divorce for reasons other than poor relationship quality. If this is the case for you, you may have found yourself reassigning blame where it’s not deserved.

Meeting new people

Affairs have always been a considerable factor in divorces. If you’re married, meeting someone new may cause you to reassess your marriage and believe it lacking in what you desire. But, this is never a fair comparison. New is exciting and passionate. You can’t compare this with a more established companionable relationship. After all, your marriage was new once too. People often get carried away with the short-term pleasure of having an affair. While divorces are not easy, they are very available. You may have a happy, low-conflict marriage. But if an affair has tempted you it can be a difficult roadblock to overcome. You may turn to a divorce lawyer, rather than a relationship counselor, disregarding that your marriage was happy.

Societal pressure

You may feel societal pressure for things to be perfect in your marriage. This often occurs before committing to having children. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by people who cite your age as a reason to move on and find that ‘perfect’ partner. Consider your marriage carefully. If you have doubts, talk to your partner and undertake counseling. If you are in a low-conflict relationship, seeking a divorce attorney may not be the first step you need to take. Often, smaller issues can be addressed and worked through.

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