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7 Divorce Survival Secrets For Women

Divorces are messy businesses. Both parties are mentally in states ranging from hurt to anger, and every spectrum in between. As a San Diego divorce lawyer, it can be difficult to mitigate a divorce, because it’s always your job to best represent your client. In divorce cases, this can mean deepening or reopening mental scars. […]

8 Qualities the Best Divorce Attorneys Have in Common

Getting divorced is never an easy decision. Nobody gets married expecting to end up hiring a divorce attorney. But when it happens, you’ll want to make sure you’re in good hands. You want to have the best divorce lawyer in San Diego representing your interests. Here are 8 qualities to look out for that the […]

How Long Does It Take to Divorce in San Diego

One of the first questions most people have when they’re getting a divorce, is how long does it take? Your San Diego divorce attorney can walk you through the timeline based on your specific circumstances, but there are some general rules about timing. The first thing you should know about a California divorce is that […]

7 Steps to Get Through Divorce One Day at a Time

Divorce occurs often in the U.S. and San Diego is no exception. Divorce is usually a traumatic experience for both parties. Your way through it can be affected by the approach you take. We suggest following these seven positive steps to help you through the process of divorce in San Diego. 1.       Give yourself time […]

5 Ways To Stay Focused At Work During a Divorce

Divorce takes us through all of our emotions. The process of getting a divorce can make us feel like the world is ending. The years of emotional investment that you have placed into someone all comes crashing down in a heartbeat. Not to think of the potential financial concerns that may arise after sharing essentially […]

5 Tips to Reclaim Your Financial Future After Divorce

Once you finally commit to the decision that you are getting a divorce, you are in for one serious rollercoaster. The financial ups and downs that occur during the divorce process are very unexpected and can be quite costly. It is not just the lawyers and court hearings that may be pricey alone. The additional […]

Common Divorce Terms

In the whole scheme of things getting married is a pretty simple thing. Two people fall in love, say some vows and sign paperwork with witnesses and there you go. The two are legally bound to each other. Getting a divorce, on the other hand, is not so simple. There are various waiting periods as […]

Getting Through Divorce in San Diego

When you married, you felt and believed it was going to be forever. Sure, you knew of people divorcing; maybe your own parents divorced. But that wouldn’t happen to you. Years later and, unfortunately, it is happening to you. Does that mean you have to go to war with the person you thought would be […]

What Are The Costs Of Getting A Divorce In California?

The question divorce lawyers hear the most when they are consulting someone for the first time is “How much will this divorce cost?” The right answer is “hard to say,” but this is not always the answer a client wants to hear. The only costs divorce attorneys know for sure that will have to be […]

Divorce Laws in California and Divorce Lawyers in San Diego

What exactly is the dissolution of marriage? A Dissolution of Marriage is a divorce.  It begins by one party using their San Diego divorce lawyer to file for the necessary papers to start the divorce. The other party cannot stop the process.  If one party does not want to take part in the divorce proceedings, […]